Unveiling the Grammy Museum Experience

Amid the architectural grandeur of the Prudential Center, an extraordinary chapter in music’s legacy was written—the Grammy Museum Experience. A beacon of interactive exploration, this experiential haven unveiled the treasures of Grammy Awards’ history and laureates. As architects of its inaugural revelation, we orchestrated an artistic ensemble that transformed the opening ceremony into an unforgettable symphony of sights and sounds. Our creative palette encompassed social realms, print landscapes, event narratives, and building aesthetics, each brushstroke weaving a harmonious tapestry.

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Grammy Museum Experience


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Newark, NJ

The Challenge

Beyond bricks and exhibits, our challenge was to orchestrate an opening ceremony that reverberated with the depth of music’s resonance. In a dance of creativity, we crafted assets that encompassed not only social media brilliance but also print exquisiteness and event signage that whispered stories. Our canvas stretched far and wide, as every asset became a note, each event signage an ensemble, harmonizing into an extraordinary visual symphony.

The Results

On October 20th, 2017, the grand overture unfolded—the Grammy Museum Experience graced the Prudential Center with its vibrant presence. The opening ceremony was a crescendo of creativity and innovation, as our assets transformed into portals of music’s enchantment. The Northeast embraced its first encounter with the Grammy Museum, a herald of cultural renaissance that transcended generations.

Yet, our partnership extended beyond that inaugural day. We embarked on a journey to sculpt the very essence of the Grammy Museum Experience’s visual identity. From online platforms to marketing materials, we painted a panorama of branding and aesthetics that resonated with music’s spirit. Our collective efforts elevated the Grammy Museum Experience, breathing life into every pixel and design element.

As the echoes of our shared voyage reverberate, we celebrate not just the unveiling, but the enduring legacy—a testament to our harmonious collaboration, where music met design, and history met innovation.

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